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10 Business Uses for Conjoint Analysis

Conjoint Analysis, also called Discrete Choice Modeling is a research method and statistical technique used by researchers and marketers worldwide. It is a way to examine choices made by decision-makers based on various available features, pricing, and brands…

The Guttman Scale: Definition and Basics

Research within the social sciences is developed, carried out, and interpreted a little differently than, let’s say, medicine. Quantifying human attributes, opinions, and behavior to measure them and infer conclusions required a shift from conventional research methodologies…

Likert Scales in Market Research

Likert Scales make it easy to introduce precision measurement into your survey resultsIn this Article... Introduction to Survey Scales Likert Scale Defined Likert Scale Item Types: with examples Likert Scale Types: with examples When to Use a Likert...

Market Segmentation

Market segmentation guide to accelerating your business growth in the year ahead  Not so long ago, our prospects for doing business were mostly limited to those within reasonable proximity to our geographic area. The law of the land was "small...
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