Qualitative Articles

Understanding Empirical Research

Ancient Greece produced some of the greatest philosophers with unique perspectives that stemmed from equally unique beliefs. Some, adhered to the dogmatic doctrines popular and commonly held at that time. There were those who instead favored evidence collected by observation of phenomenon through senses. They were called empiricists…

Market Research Biases and How to Remove Them

The Association of Qualitative Research based in the UK describes bias as a “systematic error.” The definition suggests that this systematic error is responsible for deviating results from the true findings of the research. Various biases can impact qualitative and quantitative studies…

Online Focus Groups Success Guide

Bronislaw Malinowski, a prominent figure in cultural anthropology, first reported the appearance of group conversations among Trobriand Islanders that emulated our modern understanding of focus groups. It was not until the early 1940s when a more formal appearance of focus groups emerged in research methodologies. Paul Lazarsfeld and Robert K. Merton were both conducting market research that studied the impact of propaganda during the Second World War.

B2B Research Essentials: Achieve Success with Confidence

Your business success depends on your customer and marketplace feedbackIn this Article... What is B2B research? Benefits of B2B research B2B research methods When to do B2B research Ideas for success What is a B2B panel Types of B2B panels How to...
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