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10 Business Uses for Conjoint Analysis

Conjoint Analysis, also called Discrete Choice Modeling is a research method and statistical technique used by researchers and marketers worldwide. It is a way to examine choices made by decision-makers based on various available features, pricing, and brands…

The Guttman Scale: Definition and Basics

Research within the social sciences is developed, carried out, and interpreted a little differently than, let’s say, medicine. Quantifying human attributes, opinions, and behavior to measure them and infer conclusions required a shift from conventional research methodologies…

Customer Journey Mapping for Market Researchers

Today, every aspect of digital marketing and the all-embracing marketing umbrella is led by those on the other end of these interactions – the customers. Instead of asking how you can get the customer to do what the marketers intend, the question focuses on eliciting solutions for helping the customer achieve their goals while fulfilling yours…

Understanding Empirical Research

Ancient Greece produced some of the greatest philosophers with unique perspectives that stemmed from equally unique beliefs. Some, adhered to the dogmatic doctrines popular and commonly held at that time. There were those who instead favored evidence collected by observation of phenomenon through senses. They were called empiricists…

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