Fast, Reliable Answers for Insightful Decisions

Where researchers find high-quality data from global B2B and Consumer online survey audiences to significantly improve study success rates


Fast, Reliable Answers for Insightful Decisions

Where researchers find high-quality data from global B2B and Consumer online survey audiences to significantly improve study success rates


Our mission is to expand opportunities in market research, to do the work you believe in and can stand behind, for your company, your community, and your cause.

Jim Whaley

CEO, OvationMR

Message to our OvationMR Global Community Regarding COVID-19

  Colleagues, Family, Friends:   Since the inception of OvationMR, we set out to create a company where people matter first. This is why employees choose where they work and survey participants are rewarded fairly, and clients are attended by happy,...

Understanding Target Population in Research

    When designing a market research study and considering goals and objects the next step is to determine the target population to be studied.  The target population the entire population, or set, that will be considered qualified for data...

How to Define and Analyze Your Target Market

  A vital component of any successful marketing campaign is having an in-depth knowledge of the market you're trying to target. Time and effort taken to identify and learn about a market will pay dividends when it comes to making real...

5 Brand Tracking Questions Key to B2B Marketers

What are the goals of brand tracking?    Whether you start a business this year or manage a global brand, marketers engaged with feedback and insights can surely attest to how vital brand reputation is now. Consumers are "LinkedIn" and all...

Balancing Market Research with Reading

Work-life balance is something that is written about frequently.  It comes in many forms,  in the value you place on the work you do and the balance with activities outside the structure.  Let me share with you one thing I do which feels like I am...

Improve Your Products with Data-Driven Design Thinking

Adopting data-driven design is vital to your organization if you planning on consistently improving your products. The data from your customers can tell you not only what they like about your products and services but also what they don't like....

OvationMR’s Data-quality was outstanding on our international study with a niche audience in 5 countries including France, China, and UK. Will use them again! Highly Recommend.

“No project is too big or small for OvationMR, the intrepid mavens of online-sample who blend experience, technical expertise and, a can-do attitude in order to get the job done.”

“Ovation team are my go-to people for 100% of my panel projects. Their depth in market research and sampling design is unusually strong. They are creative problem-solvers and simply get the job done!”

“I came to OvationMR needing help reaching a hard-to-find audience. The team reached college students and developed a strategy that really worked. I ended up with high-quality data and, even better, my client was thrilled with the results”

“I enjoyed working with the Ovation operation team, they were very hands on and helped me get our research in the field in a timely manner. Ovation, is an excellent option for affordable survey sample. I highly recommend using Ovation for survey sampling needs.”

Consumer and B2B Audiences  |  Global Brand Tracking  |  Faster than Sample DIY

Reach B2B Audiences You Will Trust | Survey Hard-To-Reach Consumers | Launch Faster Than Sample DIY

You are a change-maker...

Your research creates new opportunities and ways of thinking which improves a business process, impacts a single person’s ability to lead a better life, and will revolutionize a culture...

OvationMR understands what matters most is you deliver insights from reliable data from your custom research or brand tracking studies...

With some of the world’s best-known brands and most prestigious agencies in our portfolio, we have built a network of trust in delivering global audiences for online research.

Knowledge and Service is the Difference…

Target Precise Survey Audiences

  • Fast, Reliable Answers…  Market research panel features delivered to you through OvationMR technology instantly.
  • Offering the most diverse set of real people who qualify for your online research study.
  • Precise global targeting and validation delivers the quality online sampling you require for B2B research, consumer panel surveys and healthcare studies.

 Insights Faster than DIY Sample

  • In a fast-paced, value-oriented business world you now expect more from technology than you do experts using technology.
  • With DIY you swap your high-value time to do comparatively low-value tasks.
  • B2B, and consumer researchers save big time and money compared with DIY solutions on brand tracking and custom research.

Complete Confidence… We’ve Got Your Back

  • When you need to think about the big picture. We have got you!
  • Focus on your business and your clients.
  • Our team knows the research and the technology.
  • We manage your online survey: scripting, translations, data-collection.
  • Crosstabs, PPT, and Infographics, with the advanced sophistication you expect.

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Think about your next B2B Research Online Survey and call OvationMR. We are among the top Online Survey Panel Companies offering  B2B panel  Globally. Every day more online sampling options are coming available to reach even the hardest to reach audiences. It takes experience, tech and creativity.

Quality data is the currency by which we build strong partnershipsTo learn more about how we create our panel and sampling options for you visit our Online Panel Quality Center.
We are looking forward to helping you. Solve your Online Research business needs with our Online Research Services Group and Online Survey Panels.

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