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Learn how we recruit our panel members, reward them, and keep them engaged in research

Online Panel Recruitment - Quality Starts Here

Online Panels: Science+Craft


OvationMR Online Panels are made for today’s business decision-making professionals. Panel members are recruited from diverse sources and blended methodically to produce continuity of sampling results and provide a broad representation for the markets being studied.

Our market research panels are curated from an invitation-based recruitment method, meaning there is no self-selection into these research panels. All panel members are prequalified based on known criteria about what the research panel recruitment target requirements are at any given stage.

Sources for recruitment vary and provide different audiences depending on how they are deployed, which is why we have very experienced online panel management experts who know how to perform sample blending using:

from quality data sources like:

  • Social Media Sites
  • Publishers and Affiliate Marketers
  • Digital Market Place via Targeted Audiences
  • Reward Sites, Shoppers Communities, & Loyalty Sites.
  • Gaming Sites and Other Specialty Sites
  • Online Service Providers


From here, we can start to build sample frames to match your project specifications for census-based sampling, targeted sampling, and convenience sampling on a global scale.

Online Panel Registration Process


Panel Members are Double Opted-In to the online panels, meaning they are asked to verify their identity by following an email click path into the online panel: Members Only Area. From this point, a full registration process begins. The member provides basic information via an online survey so that confirmation of their membership in the market research panel can be granted.

The data collected at this stage typically allows us to do some broad initial segmentation and targeting:

  • Name | Address | Phone
  • Occupation | Social Media Accounts | Alternate Email Accounts
  • Basic Demographics | Household Data

Participant Validation & Profiling

Getting to Know You


Once basic registration data is collected, the respondent can immediately start the online panel member validation & verification process. Depending on how a given respondent answers the Registration Form, it will trigger a 10 to 24 step validation process. The Consumer-Only panel participant steps, while thorough, are generally less intensive than the B2B online panel participant validation step process.

For Consumer Online Panels, we generally verify:

  • Name | Address
  • IP Geolocation
  • Basic Demos | Principal Language

We use a variety of industry-standard tools to perform these panel quality checks. We use our own proprietary tools, including red herring marker questions, which are deployed as needed.

For B2B Online Panels, we have a more intensive approach which includes:


Name | Address
HR Online Video Interview App Partner Review (ITDMS)
Validate IP Geolocation
Standardized Screening Questions Per Industry with Red Herring Markers
Workplace Verification | 1 Point, 2 Points, or 3 Points | Call - Social Media Verification - Workplace Email Verification
Factor Performance ratings on past studies.


Getting to Know All About You



Having secured confidence in the relationship with the new participant, we are well on our way already to engaging them in their first survey.

Understanding more about the participant at this stage continues to be important to offer them surveys that are both relevant and interesting.

For example, If we know that a given respondent has ailments that are rare and is willing to discuss them, that is useful to the community. If we learn they work in a profession that is shaping policy and they are influencers, this is also useful to the community.

Panelist profiling is an ongoing process that further classifies online panel participants as they mature in the community.

As panelists continue to do more online surveys, we learn more about who they are and what shapes their views.

Data collected from panel members regularly to update their profile on interests, conditions, habits, products, and services in a variety of areas:


Financial Investing
Food Dining & Cooking
Health / Wellness
Household Data
Jobs & Careers
Media & Entertainment Consumption
Religion & Spirituality
Sports & Outdoor Activity

Panel Engagement

Online Engagement Machine


In the end, people want to feel like they are part of something relevant in their lives and rewards them in a meaningful way.

Here is the big secret: Everyone doesn’t think exactly the same way. But they have mostly the same traits. Remember, a $500.00 an hour CEO might not do a 20 Minute survey for $75.00 bucks, but she might do it for 2 movie tickets for her daughter and her friend to the right movie that costs $50.00.  For her, the value proposition is higher since the value is not on her time but rather creating quality, memorable experience for the child. In another example, a Corporate Landscaper might do a similar survey for 500 Points (because they like the points). It will get them to a threshold to download the $50 Amazon Gift Card immediately.

The key to incentivizing respondents to get quality data is understanding what they place value on in their day-to-day lives.


By planning for great surveys and awesome survey participants, we have created a higher quality alternative for Market Research Panels for You.

I hope you understand how important quality is in every process we undertake at OvationMR. Our Consumer Online Panels and our B2B Panels & Health Panels are all managed with the same principles. Give us a call for your next study or call us anyway.

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