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Academic Research Surveys – Resources to Reach Respondents Online


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Academic Research Surveys in

3 Easy Steps…



1 – How to Get a Quick Quote & Setup for Academic Research Surveys


Create survey projects with your own online survey software, or use our survey programming services when you need help with online survey scripting and hosting.

  • Use predefined survey templates.
  • Choose from an extensive catalog of question types
  • Create custom question types
  • Increase real-time completion rate by targeting participants from the real world


Join academics from over 100 colleges and universities worldwide who know the benefits of working with OvationMR for your next academic research survey project…

  • Quotes in 30 minutes or less
  • Precise Global Audience Targeting
  • Quick Setup of Your Survey to our Sample Supply
  • Improve Completion Rates by Gathering High Quality Data
  • Academic Research Discounts
  • Dedicated Project Manager Ensures Project Success.
  • We Code Decipher | Qualtrics | SurveyMonkey + More 
sample of academic surveys clients: Cornell University, Oklahoma State, MIT Sloan, University of Oregon, Illinois University, Florida Atlantic University, Nankai, University, Wichita State University

2 – How to find survey respondents for any type of academic research


Ready to Go?  Connect With Your Target Audience in Real Time!

No more depending on slow unreliable email surveys or DIY tools that can’t target your audience when you are at the critical stage of collecting data.

Gain valuable information from survey data you collect online with OvationMR global vetted audiences including:


Social Science Research

Tap specific groups of government officials, within the public sector, and in the area of economics and public policy.

Medical Research

Reach physicians or other healthcare professionals. Find patients with particular ailments, disease risks, chronic health issues, and particular demographics for academic research surveys.

B2B Research

Learn about industries and types of businesses, employee satisfaction, wage comparisons, or skills gaps with OvationMR B2B Audiences.

Lifestyle Research

Explore exercise habits, sleep routines, and eating preferences of a group within your community.

Childhood Research

Study classroom structures, parent involvement, and student performance.

Demographic Research

Compare generations and age cohorts, employment & professions, markets & geographies, and cultural or ethnic variations of your audience.

Market Research

Conduct market research surveys for commercial or theoretical purposes, including segmentation, concept testing, customer satisfaction, and net promoter score research.

3 – How to get your academic research online survey started


Complete the form and provide study details or call +1.212.653.8750


Starting research projects fast with OvationMR Online Sampling

University faculty and students understand the value of quality data. When you are collecting online survey data for a dissertation or a grant-supported research project, you want to ask the correct survey questions and connect with the right audience. OvationMR will help by targeting the exact type of survey respondent your quantitative data analysis.

Targeting the correct audience means a more confident research conclusion. Call us now to start your online survey research.

Jim Whaley

Are you working to complete your dissertation or invested in your department’s high-profile research project?

Try our Sample Size Calculator. OvationMR is ready to assist you and your team. I will scope out your custom or hard-to-find survey participants for you for sample only or invite us to be a part of your project management process.

We are here to support your academic research.

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