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Affordable, High-Quality Data for Global Online Survey Audiences to Significantly Improve Your Success Rates on Academic Surveys & Grant-Based Studies.

University faculty and students understand the value of solid research. If you are collecting online survey data for a dissertation or a grant-supported research project, you want to ask the correct questions and connect with the right audience. We can help. OvationMR will pinpoint the exact type of survey respondent.

Targeting the correct audience means a more confident research conclusion. Call us now to start your study.

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Whether you’re diligently working to complete your dissertation or invested in your department’s high-profile research project, OvationMR is ready to come alongside you and your team. I will scope out customized, hard-to-find survey participants for you or invite us to be a part of your project management process.

We are here to help support your academic research pursuits.

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“No project is too big or small for OvationMR, the intrepid mavens of online sample who blend experience, technical expertise and can-do attitude in order to get the job done.”  yPulse



“No project is too big or small for OvationMR, the intrepid mavens of online sample who blend experience, technical expertise and can-do attitude in order to get the job done.”  yPulse



Get Your Survey Research Started In 3 Easy Steps…


1 – Quick Quote & Setup

Whether you program on your own survey platform or you need survey programming & hosting support – you have a solution.

Working with Ovation Academic Surveys you will…

  • Get quotes in 30 minutes or less
  • Find quick set up and testing of your survey link with our sample supply links
  • See your sample flowing promptly
  • Have access to academic rate schedules
  • A PM managed study and links providing you realtime updates
  • Enjoy using your favorite survey platforms like: Qualtrics | SurveyMonkey | SurveyGizmo | Decipher | Many Others


2 – Connect Audience | Applicable to Multiple Disciplines

Ready to go? Now let us connect you with your target online survey audience. OvationMR can support any academic discipline with customized, vetted audiences including:

  • Social Science Research: Tap specific groups of government officials, within the public sector, and in the area of economics.
  • Medical Research: Find patients with particular demographics, disease risks, or health issues.
  • Business Research: Learn about types of businesses, employee makeup, wage comparisons, or skills gaps.
  • Lifestyle Research: Explore exercise habits, sleep routines, and eating preferences of a group within your community.
  • Childhood Research: Study classroom structures, parent involvement, and student performance.
  • Demographic Research: Pinpoint the exact age range, profession, geographic location, or ethnicity of your audience.


3 – Let’s Get it Started

Complete the short form below to connect with us. Or call now +1.212.653.8750

I hope you understand how important quality is in every process we undertake at OvationMR. Our consumer online panels, or our B2B panels and healthcare panels are all managed with the same principles. Give us a call for your next study or… Call us anyway, Just to talk: 1-212-653-8750 Jim Whaley

I can help you walk through the cost and feasibility for any study you may have or just answer questions you have about our panel products and services. We are a premier B2B and healthcare panel company but people do like us for online consumer studies too!

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