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What makes Professional Development Touchpoints Sourcing so effective?


We curate and target industry professionals in places where they are most likely to become engaged in professional development, training, trade media consumption, and networking activities online and then…

  • Deploy Multi-Step, Continuous Vetting
  • Panelists are rewarded and encouraged to share their experience with their professional network contacts, expanding our reach and engagement in the industry’s community.
  • B2B panelists go through extensive pre-screening qualifications before they can engage in surveys.

Before taking B2B surveys, what screening practices do panelists undergo?

To find out more about our B2B targeting/screening process, contact any of our sampling specialists.

Elevated B2B Audience Targeting and B2B Engagement

Business professionals are specialized groups who are highly sought after and notoriously challenging to profile and engage.

It takes experienced sampling experts to accomplish consistent online research study feasibility with both professional and trade-specific markets.

OvationMR business-to-business panel solutions are a differentiator for companies doing B2B tracking studies and B2B custom research because of how we engage business and trade professionals.

OvationMR is a leader among business panel companies with our approach and management of our B2B panel.

Our key validation & engagement criteria and our professional development touchpoints sourcing from highly sought-after industries assure high quality, highly vetted, and extensive reach across multiple levels of industry professionals.


What is the value proposition for a business professional to take surveys?


A B2B panel provider’s Participant Incentive Program is about understanding the B2B panelist’s value proposition for participating in research.

Understanding that not every person is motivated by the same types of rewards.  As marketers and business decision-makers, it is simple to grasp the value proposition concept and appreciate the challenge in delivering one.

Leverage data and insights to keep B2B panelists engaged by offering incentives, content, access, insights, and rewards where they find value.  We  continuously evaluate what keeps survey participants vested in the research process:

  • Keeping panelist profile data current
  • Expanding and tailoring dynamic content to match respondent profile interests
  • Using economic rewards when appropriate and useful

Value propositions between the panel company and respondents are settled in dynamic ways beyond cash rewards via access to business reports, entertainment,  events, more commercial-free time, and cash.

Industry Verticals for B2B Screening Panels


What categories can you select for targeting for online surveys with panel services?


When your business is looking to do market research studies with a target audience of primarily business professionals, you can define your target market by selecting an industry or set of industries first. You can use SIC codes or NAICS when targeting broadly for B2B online surveys in North America. While other regions do have their own respective catalogs, these lists may be used as a guide.

The following is a guide to typical items for providing proper targeting specifications:

  • Industry coverage is broad: Healthcare, Automotive, Tech, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail, CPG, Government, and more.
  • Industry Categories: SIC CODES for a detailed taxonomy of US industry verticals and specialties. (see also NAICS CODES)
  • Number of Employees: Small, Medium, Large Enterprises Business.
  • Company Turnover: Small, Medium, Large Enterprises Business.
  • Company Location: Local, Regional, Global
  • Other**


What are SIC Codes?


We use country-based or international codes for industry verticals. Standardized Industry Codes are uniform codes that business and financial sectors use to classify customers and prospects and beneficial information to have on your research essentials list.


How do you determine company size?


How big a company is or the ‘organization size’ can be determined in several ways. Generally, it depends on revenue data, but sometimes this data is unknown because the company financials are not readily available.

This could be because the business is a privately held concern or the data is not reliable or easily accessible. In these situations, employee size often is an appropriate alternative indicator.

Most of the time, looking at the combination of revenue/employee size and market share is the best way to assess a company’s true size relative to the competitive landscape.

In a holistic effort to create the best customer service experience when working with OvationMR online panels, market researchers and other business professionals can further reference this document to learn about what B2B targeting is possible.



Professionals / Job Categories for B2B Screening Panels


 What kinds of job categories are available for B2B research targeting?


Qualified and engaged survey respondents are essential to the online research process.  Particularly study participants who are curated and vetted to qualify for your B2B marketing research project. Among the Top 50 most common jobs when you consider the U.S market, you will see that for example:

  • bartenders ranking at number fifty (50) with just over 644,000 employed as of pre-COVID 2019 and rapidly on the return now as of June 2021.
  • retail salespersons ranking number one (1) with nearly 4.5 million employed.

Both are professions or titles which you can target in your survey.

Among the Top 50 professions (that you can also target from our list below)…

Plus more jobs that did not make the Top 50.

For a complete list: Contact Us for support on any question or request you may have:


Certified Public Accountants
Insurance Agents
Financial Analysts




How do you know if B2B research is right for your company?


When your team designs or markets products that are primarily used by:

  • a tradesman or skilled workers,
  • distribution or industrial workers,
  • healthcare workers or
  • business and licensed professionals,

then it’s a good bet these target audiences have insights that can help you.

B2B market research studies can help you improve upon the current version of the products or campaigns by:

  • Identifying the who, what, when, where, why, and how questions you are trying to solve.
  • You can augment your survey with qualitative questions and understand more ideas about why and how questions as well.

Ovation B2B panel recruitment and engagement methods are thorough and effective with online panel quality standards high, assuring relevant and insight-rich survey data.



Title / Managerial Level / Role for B2B Screening Panels



Which titles or roles are the most popular for B2B research?


You have identified your target market by selecting a profession and/or and industry. Now you may choose to target for: Seniority | Department | Job Function within the organization specifically. Here is a sample list of the titles/roles for B2B research. For a complete list; contact us for support on any question or request you may have:


C-Level Executives
In-house Legal Staff
Corporate Leaders
Senior Managers
Business Decision Makers
Purchasing Managers
Plant / Process Managers
Small Business Owners
Sales Professionals
Programmers / Analysts
Sustainability Managers
HR Managers
Marketing Director
Maintenance Managers





How can B2B research improve customer retention?


Suppose you are looking for ways to improve your customer retention. It would help if you considered asking B2B professionals their thoughts on improving your products.  A great way to do this is to conduct primary market research among your customer segments by collecting customer experience, user experience, and net promoter score survey data.


Your B2B clients are among the most sophisticated buyers globally and represent large business-to-consumer buying audiences. So not only can they represent their own experiences with your product or services, but they can also provide aggregated feedback from large buying groups over time and in a competitive context.




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