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About OvationMR

Our mission is to expand your ability to do the work you believe in and can stand behind… for your company, your community, and your cause

How did we create one of the top online market research companies?



Fast, Reliable Answers for Insightful Decisions


We love what we do. Problem-solving – Data – Insights… It’s in our DNA. Yes, some of the team came by our marketing research skills, quite honestly.  While others, like many of you reading this, fell into this industry remarkably on their way to somewhere else one day. Together in our partnership, we are tenacious and resourceful problem solvers who seek to improve outcomes.

Working together as a team for over ten years, we have built over 200 online panel sites & communities for some of the world’s best-known brands and most prestigious market research companies. Our innovative technology and panelist validation and engagement methods are still used widely in the online research panel industry.

You will love what we do. In 2016, OvationMR was created to raise the bar in online sampling and so we could do what we love for you. We have built the most reliable, deep feasibility: Online B2B & Consumer research panels specifically for you.

For custom research or brand tracking studies, you can be confident OvationMR will out-perform any panel company DIY sample on every measure.


  • You will be working with experienced industry pros who know Online Panel Technology & Sampling Methodology.
  • Be confident in your success because OvationMR has managed 1000s of projects and built over 200 online panels & communities.



“Market research insights & quality today are better than when we relied on any previous methodology, thanks to the digital economy, sampling technology, and science.

Jim Whaley

Jim Whaley



I am a technologist, writer, and entrepreneurbut I am a researcher first…

I started when I was in my early teens doing various research jobs in Atlanta to earn part-time summer money.

We did every field job and every kind of sampling: Phone, door-to-door, convenience sampling from lists, intercepts.

After university, I went to work for IBM as a Systems Engineer to help customers implement business systems in the Finance, Insurance, and Manufacturing & Distribution sectors.

After two amazing years, I found my passion – Marketing Tech – to solve customer challenges in just about every industry category.

Here, we used research methods and competitive intelligence to build breakthrough growth accelerating solutions for clients.

We broke new ground, segmenting and building customer profiles for targeted campaigns.

After six years at IBM, I had the opportunity to purchase the Burke Call Center, where I had worked earlier and started my 27-year career as a research industry entrepreneur.

I have built and sold two research firms, a couple of technology companies and provided consulting and mentorship for many established market research companies and new people in the industry.

I seriously love what I do in online research – at OvationMR – and for You – Our Customer.

“The insights industry is experiencing rapid change, OvationMR knowledge leadership and people provide a beacon for companies looking for solutions to questions challenging businesses today”

Michel Jones

Michel Jones

Chief Financial Officer and People Officer


Coming up in the Victoria region of southern Australia was simple and hard and may define one’s sensibilities as places often do…

After graduating from the University of Melbourne with a political science degree, I was off to the business world.

I honed my skills as an HR specialist and management consultant at firms like PwC and IBM.

I leveraged my know-how into an advisory capacity and began consulting with organizations that needed to realign resources and needed both strategic and tactical plans to execute.

I have worked worldwide (APAC, Europe, India, Americas) globally, advising both large and small firms on business growth strategy and culture.

What I’m most proud of is my ability to help companies become both well run and more human, and at the same time by showing leaders, they are not competing forces.

What I am most excited about at OvationMR is we have a great research pedigree, and at the same time, we don’t have the burden of institutional legacies.

Where market research companies are concerned, we can make things simple – not hard.  We can create innovative solutions with new technology and ideas.

All of which are driven by our greatest asset – Our People.


“There is not a better time to be a research practitioner with the growing appetite for data and insights and the ability to find a reliable partner like OvationMR”

Jenn Whaley

Jenn Whaley

Sr. VP Global Sales & Strategy


I am a 3rd generation market researcher… I had my share of marketing research immersion from an early age.

We traveled the world met many interesting people because of the family business – not to mention all the great stories.

After graduating from Rutgers University with a degree in Business Sciences, I went into the pharmaceutical industry as a field marketing solutions representative.

I created programs for independent pharmacies to attract and retain local and regional customers with solutions that would help educate their customers about the usage and persistency of their prescriptions.

I also built a graphics design firm that served small and medium enterprises to promote their online digital marketing campaigns, which we would tie to performance metrics.

I have helped dozens of retail pharmacies and pharmaceutical distributors to improve their DTC programs.

Additionally, I served for two years as CMO of The Pace Group, a real-estate trust, where I also obtained my commercial real-estate license.

Several years ago, I decided, after several invitations, to join the team at OvationMR.

It has been nothing short of fantastic! And so, once again, I am fully immersed in the market research experience where

I work with researchers from brands, institutions, and market research companies.

OvationMR provides the best insights solutions delivered by 3 generations of market research experience.

“I can’t remember something we were asked to do that was impossible, and we didn’t find a way”

Wayne Wong

Wayne Wong



New York City-born and raised. Like the City – I’ve seen a lot, and I have a lot to give…

New York is a big, complex, busy place full of people with huge hearts and ambitions. We get a lot done here, and we learn to take care of people.

After graduating from City University of New York – Queens College, I went into finance on Wall Street for a year, but my real love was programming.

A friend told me about an opportunity in market research at SRBI (now ABT Associates, Inc.), learning the ropes.

Later I was offered a web programming position at All Global, where I led a team of healthcare survey programmers.

We managed all aspects of online research projects from programming, sampling, translations, and reporting.

After All Global, I joined a startup panel technology company Globalpark, which built custom panels and communities for big brands, physician panels, and market research companies.

We created panels for General Mills and Bosch, and Wells Fargo, and Girl Scouts of America. We also built the PSL Group’s panel and the American College of Physician’s membership panel.

I am pleased to be driving the solutions team again at OvationMR. We are a genuine technology-enabled online research company with deep experience.

We have every resource we need at our fingertips to deliver for our clients.


“Along the way, two driving forces have consistently guided me: innovation and entrepreneurism. Seek new breakthroughs and operate as if you own the company.”

Bart Borkosky

Bart Borkosky

Chief Research Officer


From the moment I first learned about marketing research, I was locked in…

Like many industry leaders of this time, I started as an interviewer with Burke conducting telephone surveys.

Marketing research has it all; helping clients make better business decisions, giving confidence to investors, facilitating the creation of great products, contributing to economic growth, and continually discovering new things about people and business.

It’s a fast-paced business, and each week brings new challenges. So what’s not to like?

As both an agency owner and client sides of the industry,

I’ve worked in consumer and B2B sectors, including restaurant/hospitality, automotive, and industrial products.

My experience includes conducting research for Fortune 50 companies, mid-size regional brands, and product inventors.

I’ve conducted research around the globe, including North America, China, Africa, and most of Europe.

I am pleased to be leading Insights and Sampling Design.

At OvationMR, we take our experience and find innovative ways to leverage technology to create solid sampling and research solutions.

We develop Customer Satisfaction Success by working closely with our clients to ensure they are delighted from start to finish.


“I have always taken a “We’re in this together approach”, which has led me to build strong relationships with my customers and the people I work with.”

Desmond Davis

Desmond Davis

Director, Insight Solutions


Ever since I was a very young, I knew that I would be in a profession where I’d be helping people. It was just how it was in my family…

After graduating from Rowan University with a degree in Communications, I was introduced to sales. I worked for a radio conglomerate helping business owners build their brand and grow their businesses, showing them the value in advertising on the radio.

That experience led me to my next chapter. I worked for the Philadelphia 76ers on the Ticket Sales Team selling group outings and helping families enjoy quality time while experiencing the fast-paced game of basketball.

I recently joined OvationMR after working for a marketing platform where I helped companies engage their target audiences, increase brand recognition, and drive revenue.

Much like the team at OvationMR, helping clients reach their goals is my true passion and I look forward to presenting our online research survey audience solution to our B2B research clients as well as our for our many consumer sampling projects

I have always taken a “We’re in this together approach”, which has led me to build strong relationships with my customers and the people I work with.