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Insights that Shape Brands 

Welcome to OvationMR, a leading market research and insights agency.

Todays business decision makers require a deep understanding of customer needs to make the best decisions. We help marketing and strategy decisions be clear and sure by using a variety of research methods to find out the whole story.

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    Our FullService Market Research & Insights include:


    • Conjoint Analysis: Uncover customer preferences and determine which combinations of product features result in the greatest customer satisfaction
    • Market Segmentation: Leverage datadriven techniques to identify key customer segments and tailor products and services to match their specific needs
    • Pricing Research: Understand the impact of price on customer perception and identify the optimal price point for a product
    • Attitude & Usage Studies: Measure customer attitudes and usage of products and services to identify opportunities for improvement
    • CX: Measure customer experience and identify areas for improvement
    • Market Analysis: Compare the competitive landscape and track shifts in market dynamics
    • Concept Testing: Evaluate customer reactions to product and service concepts to inform product design and launch


    Imagine working with strategic, creative, and practical thinkers who will help you achieve your brand’s ambitions.

    Leverage our market research expertise and our experience helping organizations achieve their goals with key data and insights.

    • Choose research designed and customized to provide insights to inform decisions relevant to your organization’s mission or business objective.
    • Working with our knowledge base, discover a  streamlined approach that is effective, cost-efficient, and provides the insights needed to ensure your success.
    • Feel confident every study is managed and executed by senior staff, at each stage:
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    Confidently Deliver Insights for Tracking or Custom Reseach

    We also provide global audience sampling services to obtain customer feedback from target customer groups worldwide.

    Conducting global tracking studies with OvationMR allows you to monitor customer opinions and identify market trends over time.

    Supplying insights from global survey audiences through our B2B and Consumer Panels of over 40 million members across multiple continents is more than business as usual; it’s our passion.

    Every online study is executed with the correct methodology and the highest precision. We deliver faster and at a better value by managing the entire process.

    OvationMR researchers have a reputation for expertise in research design, execution, analysis, and interpretation of results for complex global studies or local community efforts.


    Let us truly understand your customers and help you make the right decisions.


    Contact us today to get started.