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Top 20 Digital Campaign Tools for Winning

For marketing or political campaigns, it’s important to choose the right digital tools

 Like businesses, political campaigns and other organizations depend on the ability to communicate with others at any level.


Unfortunately, a campaign also involves having to manage an abundance of information, contacts, and to-do list items.


political polling art and science

With so many challenges, it’s vital that you choose the right digital campaign tools. Below are twenty of the best for anyone looking to win an election, drive membership levels, or just increase marketing performance and business growth.

Digital campaign tools for Media Monitoring and Management


CivicFeed – Learn more about the areas and topics that matter while keeping an eye on all the media coverage for relevant candidates with CivicFeed. It’s easy to set up, simple to use, and entire teams can access it. It can track people, keywords, organizations, and sources. When it finds something important, it can send alerts to anyone.


Cision – Media coverage generates votes, but it can be tricky to get. This platform identifies relevant press channels. Then, users can distribute information to these outlets and track the results to learn more about which content earns clicks and conversions. Cision empowers communicators to identify influencers, craft and distribute meaningful stories, and measure the impact.

B2B Targeting Business Decision Makers


OvationMR – Find out what really matters to constituents, members, or customers and what their opinions are on various topics using market surveys from OvationMR. They’re quick to set up and complete. Sampling accuracy is assured and results are accessible easily online which can be shared across social media.


For testing video, you can leverage video measure and analysis from G2 Analytics for the most cost-effective, rapid deployment campaign message and content effectiveness results.

LexisNexis – Find background information on anyone with this handy research tool. It includes special tools for organizational research, legal searches, industry expert databases, and many other databases that can come in handy during a political campaign.




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Jim Whaley



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