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What is a Market Research Panel?

and why you want to know…


Quality B2B and consumer online surveys start with knowledge and experience:   A market research panel is an asset that represents an actual population (geography, users, voters).  It allows you to conveniently sample a from a target population in order to determine the likely attitudes and behaviors of which it represents.

Methodologically it is important to follow standards to achieve representation and reduce non-response bias. Ensuring everyone that qualifies, also has the chance and does respond to any given survey opportunity.  When considering – panel recruitment to participant engagement – to curate the highest quality panels, here is our process:

25M Global Participants

Market Research Panel

B2B and consumer research panels are curated carefully and made up of members by invitation only. They are diverse & representative.

Registered, Validated, Profiled

Having gone through a double opt-in process to join. Members are then identity validated and profiled for future qualification.

Active & Engaged

Members taking panel surveys are provided the best online survey experience on a convenient device and appreciated for their effort.

Live in Minutes

Start your project now – not tomorrow or even 4 hours from now. It does not matter what time it is. We will get it going. Now

Feel Confident in the Results

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Knowing the online sampling results you are seeing now will not change because of quality issues is a great feeling. We’ve got you.

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How and where are market research panels used?


Around the Nation | Online Sampling | Around the World – Marketing and survey research today is as broad in the subject areas it covers as it is complex. Even the simplest of market research studies require expert sample planning and questionnaire screening design. When doing surveys or online focus groups a market research company will leverage a market research panel management system to pre-target participants. It is essential to re-screen for certain responses as a best practice. Updating participants, particularly in the area of product usage and certain demographics that do change, is essential to panel health and data quality.


Market research data collection needs range from B2B audiences to healthcare matters and consumer products to public policy-related issues. It is critical that market research companies provide panels that offer recruitment balancing to a representative audience. It is equally important to profile the panel membership for attributes to target behaviors, preferences, ownership, other groups, and demographics.  All panel members, whether pre-targeted or not, are taken through questionnaire screeners blindly for study qualification.


How to grow your business with access to global online sampling with Ovation Market Research Panel


Fast, Reliable Answers for Insightful Research. Where researchers, consultants, and other business decision-makers find affordable, high-quality data from our global online market research panel. Consumer research panel and highly curated online B2B research panel to significantly improve your study success rates.

We are a modern and innovative online panel company using technology and experience to deliver the highest quality industry research data solutions. We offer a true online market research panel with a reach of over 25 million global participants, encompassing different audience types, all validated, profiled, and verified as real individuals who are invited to join.


Online consumer research panels and B2B research panels around the globe:


Conduct tracking studies, segmentation studies, conjoint studies, awareness & usage studies, customer experience, political polling, and much more.


Who are our clients?


  • Independent research practitioners,
  • Global brands, and Media companies
  • Advertising and Marketing agencies,
  • Consulting organizations,
  • Academic institutions,
  • Global market research companies,
  • Non-profits, and NGOs


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“No project is too big or small for OvationMR, the intrepid mavens of online-sample who blend experience, technical expertise and, a can-do attitude in order to get the job done.” 



Certainty In Online Sampling


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Ovation Market Research Panel – Geographical Coverage:

  • North America (USA, Canada, Mexico)
  • Central America (Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama)
  • South America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Columbia)
  • Western Europe (UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, Portugal)
  • Northern Europe (Netherlands, Finland Denmark, Norway, Sweden)
  • Eastern Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania)
  • Eurasia (Russia, Turkey, Ukraine)
  • Asia (China, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, S Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines)
  • Oceania (Australia, New Zealand)
  • West Africa (Ghana, Nigeria)
  • East Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya)
  • North Africa (Egypt, Morocco)
  • South Africa


How to find business-to-business research online sample


What makes Ovation Market Research Panels different from other panel providers?

Our B2B Feasibility and Expert Service –  A combination of deep industry knowledge and responsiveness! 


While we do consumer surveys of all types –  Researchers and other Business Decision Makers make choices. Often when it comes to B2B Research – they come to us because of our in-depth and broad industry vertical knowledge when they are looking for Online B2B audiences:


If you have a difficult B2B online sample solution you are trying to solve and it can be done online and done well – you have come to the right place. We are a leading global B2B Panel Provider and know how to use every tool available. We have deep cultivated resources among our curated profiled proprietary market research panels.



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