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Home page for OvationMR Corporate Policy on Our Comittment to Provide the Highest Quality Products and Services Deploying the Highest Ethical Standards, Internally and Globally across the Supply-chain. 

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January 10, 2023


Welcome to the home page for OvationMR’s company policies and pledges. Here you can find information on how our company sets standards for the business, its staff, and our global network of partners in key areas of our business operations. 

These policies, which effect the quality of life for the individuals who work with or partner with OvationMR, as well as, the customers we serve are not only entitled to fair and equal treatment, they deserve transparency that gives them piece of mind in knowing OvationMR, as a partner, is committed to delivering the best products and services encapsulated within a great experience, and under the highest ethical standard throughout the entire supply-chain. 

DEI Pledge

Corporate Policies & Pledges - Improving DEI in Market Research

DEI Policy

Corporate Policies & Pledges - DEI Policy

Anti-Slavery Policy

Corporate Policies & Pledges - Anti-slavery

Sustainability Policy

sustainability policy