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Customer Journey Mapping for Market Researchers

Today, every aspect of digital marketing and the all-embracing marketing umbrella is led by those on the other end of these interactions – the customers. Instead of asking how you can get the customer to do what the marketers intend, the question focuses on eliciting solutions for helping the customer achieve their goals while fulfilling yours…

Net Promoter Score

Marketers and managers have long been facing the challenge of developing and maintaining customer loyalty. With consumer preferences, buying behavior, and general consumer behavior shifting with the dynamics of continuously evolving markets, it’s critical that marketers are invested in brand tracking…

B2B Research Essentials: Achieve Success with Confidence

Your business success depends on your customer and marketplace feedbackIn this Article... What is B2B research? Benefits of B2B research B2B research methods When to do B2B research Ideas for success What is a B2B panel Types of B2B panels How to...

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