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Market Research Biases and How to Remove Them

The Association of Qualitative Research based in the UK describes bias as a “systematic error.” The definition suggests that this systematic error is responsible for deviating results from the true findings of the research. Various biases can impact qualitative and quantitative studies…

2020 NoKidHungry Contributions

List of 2020 Contribution Honoree Organizations   We are pleased to have made a total contribution to www.NoKidHungry.org in 2020 in the amount of $3,250.00 through a series of donations honoring individuals from the following organizations: Advantage Research,...

Qualitative Data Analysis and its Value for Businesses

Qualitative data analysis is the way to answer many questions surveys which can't be solved by surveys alone   Qualitative data analysis plays a crucial role in both the early and often later stages of market analysis. This post offers key...

OvationMR Brings in Top IBM Global Talent/Business Executive to Leadership Team

OvationMR, a global insights and online sampling solutions leader is pleased to announce that Michel Jones has joined the leadership team as GM and People Leader. She will be leading the next phase of growth for our organization through ensuring the alignment of...
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