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Confidently Deliver Insights for Tracking or Custom Reseach

Supplying insights from global survey audiences through our B2B and Consumer Panels of over 40 million members across multiple continents is more than business as usual; it’s our passion.

Every online study is executed with the correct methodology and the highest precision. We deliver faster and at a better value by managing the entire process.

OvationMR researchers have a reputation for expertise in research design, execution, analysis, and interpretation of results for complex global studies or local community efforts.


Insights that Shape Brands


Envision working with strategic, creative, and practical thinkers who will help you achieve your brand’s ambitions. Leverage our market research expertise and our experience helping organizations achieve their goals with key data and insights.

  • Choose research designed and customized to provide insights to inform decisions relevant to your organization’s mission or business objective.
  • Working with our knowledge base, discover a  streamlined approach that is effective, cost-efficient, and provides the insights needed to ensure your success.
  • Feel confident every study is managed and executed by senior staff, at each stage: 
Insight Services Executive



You will successfully execute these research projects…

Product/Service Innovation – Leverage the power of customer insight through the entire product life cycle


Brand Tracking/Evaluation – Understand how your customers see you and your competition.


Market Sizing and Classification – We help you focus and target your resources.



Public Opinion Research


Understand your organization’s reputation and how to improve it…


Every organization has groups of people, which while not its primary customers, have a critical influence on the success of the organization. Typically, these audiences are often investors, regulators, influencers, and the voting public.

As researchers, we can help examine the expectations these audiences have for your organization and how they perceive your performance against those expectations. This research provides the foundation for you to manage your organizational reputation with these audiences.

As companies have become more sophisticated, this type of stakeholder research has become an increasing priority as organizations move to build closer relationships with entities and cohort groups who influence them or are influenced by their actions and outcomes.



Delivering on Political Campaigns


The OvationInsights Political team has over 15 years of campaign advisory experience and are experts at providing insights that help move the needle. Our team has worked on many national U.S. campaigns as including:

  • U.S. Presidential Races
  • U.S. Senate / Congressional Races
  • State Governor / Legislative Races

Our team has also managed polling for 6 heads of state in Europe, Asia, and the U.S… Some of our methodologies include:

  • Polling
  • Message Testing(Video)
  • Targeting / Positioning / Ad Testing (Video)