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B2B Market Analysis: Top Questions


What important question categories should you include in a B2B market analysis?


B2B market analysis helps businesses understand their customers and the marketplace better. B2B research helps a company in many ways by informing them about changes in industries, markets, the economy.

A reputable B2B market research agency provides accurate views of where your important customers and stakeholders stand at any given moment and are critical in helping to answer these relevant business insights questions:


  • Defining what sets you apart
  • Uncovering strengths and weaknesses
  • Establishing what you are known for in the marketplace
  • Why Customers chose you over a B2B competitor
  • Determining how and where customers find you
  • Understanding what keeps clients coming back


  • Awareness and perception of B2B Brand
  • How B2B Customers understand your primary products and services
  • Whether your ideas about your company matches the publics’ image
  • Mapping your marketplace and understanding your competitors
  • Discovering whether there’s a demand for your new product or service
  • Finding out how important price is to B2B buyers
  • Finding out how your pricing compares to the competitions’



As you can see, a strong B2B market analysis will help you determine what problems exist, where your competitive advantage may be, and the changing challenges of your customers. By using this research, you’ll be able to make better, smarter business decisions.

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