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You want more actionable data and insights – you want it right now and you’re not willing to spend the entire bank for quality results. Not only do we want this for our business, but market research has always been value driven.  Particularly in the area of embracing new technology. Whether it’s the internet, smartphones apps, AI or augmented reality; the demand for more, high-quality data across companies is growing. Especially as we understand and begin to value how customers interact and engage with us and then provide feedback.


With a growing appetite for customer insight everywhere you turn today we can be optimistic indeed, however there is still a great responsibility by practitioners to deliver reliable and meaningful insights, albeit for a good value and in a timely manner. A tall order, needless to say.


Pie in the Sky – DIY Lie…  Why do panel companies continue to promote their sample DIY tools to the research community while still charging them retail pricing?   The promise is faster turnaround time – but the reality is lower client service cost for the panel provider.   When more mistakes happen the panel providers can resolve the problems at a much higher cost to client.   You ask yourself, what you are really saving?    Jim Whaley | OvationMR


We all understand that time is the one thing that we can never get back. Most research practitioners agree they would rather spend their time on high value tasks rather than playing sample manager for panel companies while still paying retail sample prices. At OvationMR, we are perpetually investing in optimizing our platforms to address challenges of today’s insights practitioners who quite-frankly are being let down by the high expectations set by DIY Sample Tool providers.


At OvationMR  we believe should get what you pay for… and what you are paying for is an expert who will be on your team and share the load and not cost you anymore than Sample DIY (which is basically you: plate spinning sample around the clock). You will have your sample done correctly and flowing faster than any sample DIY tool and especially when you are dealing with complex targeting and multiple markets or doing political polling.


Our mission is to expand opportunities for researchers to do the work they believe in and can stand behind, for their company, their community, and their cause.


Our mission statement drives every action and intention at Ovation as in the case of supporting the research community. Which is why we offer the most reliable, high-quality data Consumer and B2B Research panels you will find in the world and at the best value. We provide quality data to fine organizations of all types:

Online Panel Provider Trusted by Top Universities: Witchita State, University of Illinois, Oklahoma State, Florida Atlantic University, Nankai University, University of Oregon


Trusted by Businesses: USPS, McGraw Hill, Emerson, Deloitte, Qualtrics


Trusted by top agencies: Deloitte, Ipsos, Ypulse

You understand sampling – you want competitive pricing and you also want to know your sample plan is being managed correctly. You want to be certain you are getting the precise targeting and all quotas are being filled in the correct sequence. You know it’s different for every job and it requires time and experience to manage. Our clients understand sampling – and trust the sampling execution to OvationMR – to continue building their insights practices and authority.


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