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Market research is one of the best ways to gather key data and insights about your target audience, industry, and more. Through the use of surveys, panel research, focus groups, and more, businesses can access detailed information about the business professionals you work with.

To gather these insights, you’ll want to work with the best B2B market research company you can find. There are a number of full-service firms available to find top-notch results to guide your business strategy.

Future Demands of Market Research
We’ve compiled the top 15 B2B market research companies to help make your search easier. Learn more about their services, past clients, and more.

1. OvationMR

B2B market research company OvationMR's website
OvationMR is a B2B market research firm offering qualitative, panel, and surveying services for B2B audiences across over 140 industry verticals. With a dedicated team of experts, OvationMR is able to oversee full-service B2B projects of all shapes and sizes with high feasibility.

“Ovation team are my go-to people for 100% of my panel projects. Their depth in market research and sampling design is unusually strong. They are creative problem-solvers and simply get the job done!”

OvationMR’s B2B online sampling can be used for projects like:

  • Brand tracking
  • Concept tests
  • NPS (Net Promoter Score) surveys
  • Segmentation studies

Overall services include:

  • Surveys
  • Qualitative research
  • Panel

OvationMR can also program, design, and host your survey in a number of different languages. Full-service clients get access to a project manager who oversees the entire project from beginning to end.

Plus, OvationMR is one of the only market research firms who fully vet survey responses manually to ensure the data submitted to each client at the end of their project is as accurate and high-quality as possible.

“No project is too big or small for OvationMR, the intrepid mavens of online-sample who blend experience, technical expertise, and a can-do attitude in order to get the job done.”

OvationMR has worked with clients across a number of industries, including USPS, McGraw-Hill, and Depop. Clients can also access a number of online tools on their website, like a custom dashboard, sample size calculator, and margin of error calculator.

It’s a great day for discovering why with OvationMR. Contact one of our representatives today.

2. B2B International


B2B market research company B2B International's website
B2B International is a global market research firm focusing exclusively on B2B brands. Their team has worked with a number of industries, like automotive, construction, financial services, healthcare, telecoms, and more.

B2B International’s services include:

  • Brand and communication research
  • Customer research and segmentation
  • Markets and opportunities research
  • Product and proposition research
  • Thought leadership research

B2B International has completed over 4,000 B2B industry research projects, as well as published books and white papers on marketing and market research. Past clients include Honeywell, Samsung, and Visa.

3. Hinge Research Institute


B2B market research company Hinge's website
Hinge Research Institute is a market research branch owned by marketing firm Hinge. Hinge Research Institute helps B2B companies put together thought leadership studies—but they also provide a library of their own research for businesses to reference.

Hinge offers out its research in four different ways:

  • Licenses to access existing research
  • Study sponsorships
  • Custom studies
  • Co-sponsorship webinars

Hinge focuses entirely on research in the professional services industry, having identified a gap in research in this area around 2008. Their goal is to provide marketers and executives with the key data they need to create business and marketing strategies that work.

4. Cascade Insights


B2B market research company Cascade Insights' website
Cascade Insights is a B2B market research firm with a focus in the B2B tech industry. Having worked with clients like Salesforce, IBM, Zendesk, and Adobe, Cascade’s process includes leaving each client with an actionable list of where to take their findings.

Cascade’s services include:

  • B2B customer experience research
  • B2B product research
  • B2B service research
  • B2B marketing enablement research
  • B2B sales enablement research

They also offer a number of marketing services for clients. Cascade works exclusively with clients in the B2B tech sector.

5. Burke

B2B market research company Burke's website
Burke is a market research firm that has been a staple in the industry since their founder created the company in 1931. Burke specializes in custom research solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of their clients.

Their research service offerings include:

  • Segmentation
  • Journey mapping
  • Ethnography/diaries
  • Brand positioning
  • Concept testing
  • Brand naming
  • Pricing research

Burke also has its own branded podcast called BeyondMeasure with topics surrounding innovation, insights, and business strategy to further inform its clients and others in the marketing and research industries.

Burke serves clients across various industries, including consumer goods, healthcare, financial services, technology, automotive, and more. Their clients range from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, and they have experience working with both B2B and B2C organizations.

6. Adience

B2B market research company Adience's website
Adience is a B2B market research and strategy company based in New York City. Their main USP is that they’re an agile company, ensuring new clients that they can work in whatever way is best for the client—rather than their internal team.

Adience’s services include:

  • Market segmentation
  • Brand development
  • Buying process
  • Perception tracking
  • Product development
  • Thought leadership

Adience also defines themselves as a consultancy, working alongside clients to generate the research they need, and helping them figure out what to do with it.

They’ve worked with industries like transport and logistics, SaaS, financial services, and IT hardware. Some past clients include Instacart, Maersk, Paysafe, and Hiro.

7. C+R Research


B2B market research company C+R Research's website
C+R Research is a market research company offering both qualitative and quantitative solutions for its B2B clients. They’ve worked with industries like financial services, health insurance, telecoms, and utilities.

Available services include:

  • Global research
  • Strategy workshops
  • Communities and panels
  • Agile research

Based in Chicago, C+R Research has been around for 60 years. In addition to research studies, they’ve also hosted webinars and published ebooks to share some of their best findings. C+R Research doesn’t publicize their clients, but they have shared a number of case studies touting their results.

8. NewtonX


B2B market research company NewtonX's website
NewtonX is a B2B market research company that has worked with over 140 different industries and uses an AI-powered algorithm to help pinpoint their survey sample.

Some of the industries they’ve worked with include marketing and advertising, human resources, financial services, manufacturing, and more. They’ve worked with clients like Pinterest, Microsoft, Airtable, and Stripe.

Their service offerings include:

  • Brand and communications research
  • Customer research and segmentation
  • Market opportunity research
  • Product research

They do these through a few different research methodologies, like qualitative, quantitative, and a hybrid model called qual-quant-qual.

NewtonX also offers a platform called NewtonX Prime that businesses can subscribe to in order to access a wide array of data that the company has discovered in its research projects. This can be useful to brands who need key data for their marketing strategy but may not have the budget or the bandwidth to create their own custom survey.

9. Amplitude Research

B2B market research company Amplitude Research's website
Amplitude Research is a market research company that focuses on mail, phone, and online surveys for its clients. They provide comprehensive research and consulting services to businesses across various industries, including healthcare, technology, consumer goods, financial services, hospitality, and nonprofit organizations.

Their market research services include:

  • Survey design and hosting
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Field research
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Data analysis/report writing

Amplitude Research combines both digital and analog methodologies for surveying, including sending out surveys by mail. The team works with a select number of sample partners in order to ensure they can get the right people for your research needs.

10. InnovateMR

B2B market research company InnovateMR's website
InnovateMR is a market research firm that offers two options to its clients: full-service research studies or a DIY approach for companies who want to create their own surveys. The DIYers still get access to InnovateMR’s sample of respondents, but are able to access market research at a much more affordable price point—starting at just $149/month.

Companies who opt for the full-service approach get access to panels for business insights, consumer insights, healthcare insights, and their qualitative expert network.

InnovateMR’s services include:

  • Survey programming and hosting
  • Audience sampling
  • B2B qualitative research
  • Consulting

The firm serves clients across various industries, including market research agencies, consulting firms, and corporations. Their goal is to provide clients with high-quality data and insights that support informed decision-making.

11. Geo Strategy Partners


B2B market research company Geo Strategy Partners' website
Geo Strategy Partners is a market research firm focusing in B2B and industrial verticals like IT, financial services, construction, aerospace, automotive, and more. They’ve worked with clients lik 3M, BP, AT&T, Rosetta Stone, and Kia.

Market research services offered include:

  • Market research and analysis
  • Strategic positioning and planning
  • Mergers and acquisitions

Geo Strategy Partners’ goal is to mesh research and strategy together so that clients come away with the data and insights they need as well as a plan to move forward. They help with product development and branding to ensure their clients see success.

12. Sago


B2B market research company Sago's website
Sago, formerly known as Schlesinger Group, is a research firm offering both qualitative and quantitative research options to its clients. They work with industries like healthcare, consumer goods, financial services, media technology, and more.

Sago’s service offerings include:

  • Global quantitative solutions
  • Brand trackers
  • Online surveys
  • Digital qualitative research
  • In-person focus groups
  • Ethnographies
  • Telephone interviews

Some of Sago’s past clients include TD Bank, Candela Insights, and RBC. Sago also offers a self-serve option called Methodify, which is an automated quantitative research engine. This enables clients to gather insights on their own terms, rather than working with a full-service option.

13. CatalystMR

B2B market research company CatalystMR's website
CatalystMR is a market research firm that focuses on consumer, healthcare, and B2B market research. Named a Quirk’s Top Company in 2023, CatalystMR works as a partner to its clients, ensuring they’re able to help provide actionable insights for every project.

Services offered include:

  • Survey programming
  • Web, mobile, and telephone surveys
  • Panel sampling
  • Real-time data and reporting
  • Multiple language surveys
  • PowerPoint development

CatalystMR is most known for its panel community, with a sample made up of consumers, B2B, IT decision makers, teens, physicians, and patients across 53 different countries. While the firm is able to create B2B-focused surveys, it can help in other industries as well.

14. Hall & Partners

B2B market research company Hall and Partners' website
Hall & Partners is a market research firm focused more on branding and helping to create brand strategies and improve brand performance based on research findings. They work with four main sectors, including B2B, consumer goods, healthcare, and the public sector.

Services offered include:

  • Brand positioning
  • Product and service innovation
  • Pricing research
  • Brand tracking
  • Creative message testing
  • Marketing campaign development

Hall & Partners sets themselves apart by focusing exclusively on brand and campaign building, helping their clients to ensure they’ll be well-received by their target audience. The firm also offers its own interactive data visualization platform called The Hub, where clients can easily access their data and results.

15. Quest Mindshare

B2B market research company Quest Mindshare's website
Quest Mindshare is a market research company working with B2B, consumer, and healthcare audiences—though the majority of their business is in the B2B sector. Quest has access to a global panel of over 20 industries and over 35 countries for their research studies.

Available services include:

  • Survey programming and hosting
  • Project management
  • Market research panel

They also have two technology tools, Titan™ and Detect™, to help automate some of their market research processes. These help with the overall quality control of survey results, ensuring their clients are satisfied with the data discovered.

Get Started With Your Next B2B Market Research Project

While there are a number of B2B market research companies to choose from, we’d love to chat about how OvationMR can help with your next project. Get in touch with one of our representatives today to learn more.



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