Political campaigns depend on the ability to communicate with others at any level.


Unfortunately, these campaigns also involve having to manage an abundance of information, contacts, and to-do list items.


With so many challenges, it’s vital that candidates choose the right digital campaign tools. Below are twenty of the best for anyone looking to win in the upcoming election.



Media Monitoring and Management


CivicFeed – Learn more about the areas and topics that matter while keeping an eye on all the media coverage for relevant candidates with CivicFeed. It’s easy to set up, simple to use, and entire teams can access it. It can track people, keywords, organizations, and sources. When it finds something important, it can send alerts to anyone.


Cision – Media coverage generates votes, but it can be tricky to get. This platform identifies relevant press channels. Then, users can distribute information to these outlets and track the results to learn more about which content earns clicks and conversions. Cision empowers communicators to identify influencers, craft and distribute meaningful stories, and measure the impact.





Effective market research results with OvationMR - Best Market Research CompanyOvationMR – Find out what really matters to constituents or what their opinions are on various topics using Polls from OvationMR. They’re quick to set up and complete. Sampling accuracy is assured and results are accessible easily online which can be shared across social media. For testing video, you can leverage video measure and analysis from G2 Analytics for the most cost-effective, rapid deployment campaign message and content effectiveness results.


LexisNexis – Find background information on anyone with this handy research tool. It includes special tools for organizational research, legal searches, industry expert databases, and many other databases that can come in handy during a political campaign.





Aristotle – A data management tool for political campaigns, this digital tool helps mine large and small amounts of voter data. It makes it easy to get meaningful answers that make it possible to make the best decisions about everything from platforms and campaign stances to what a rival’s strengths and weaknesses are.


Catalist – This paid subscription service provides access to massive voter information databases. Catatlist makes it possible to learn who voters are. Candidates can then make better decisions about communication, advertising methods, and more. Catalist provides data and data-related services to progressive organizations to help them better identify, understand, and communicate with the people they need to persuade and mobilize.



Calling & Texting


CallHub – Monitor and track every call and SMS volunteers make. It integrates with popular CRM systems and other digital political tools, so it makes organization effortless and saves time.


CallFire – A call center-like digital tool, this system sends text and call reminders, personalized messages, track voters that may be helpful, get responses with interactive messaging, and build phone trees all with one simple platform.





Grassroots Unwired – Follow canvassers and get real-time information with this comprehensive tool. It also has forms, surveys, canvasser management tools, and a ton of other tools candidates and volunteers need to work efficiently.


Polis – This software does most of the work. Automatically create routes, divide the territory, deliver surveys, and more. It can also guide volunteers to increase the likelihood of converting voters.





Crowdpac – Built on the same concepts as Kickstarter, Crowdpac lets candidates communicate their financial needs and goals. Constituents can then contribute to the campaign. It’s an innovative and compelling way to fundraise. Crowdpac is a free platform with zero startup or monthly costs. Potential candidates can raise no-risk pledges and declared candidates collect donations directly to their campaign


WarChest – Track contributions and record expenses with this budgeting tool. It can be shared easily with campaign managers and others with the option to collaborate or give someone read-only access. Campaigns must artfully spend-down to zero and raise significant cash in the final weeks of a campaign. Making the most of your resources is like hitting a moving target. Warchest provides you the tools you need to optimize every single dollar and successfully cross the finish line on Election Day.





MailChimp – With an API and a bunch of add-ons, this email campaign software makes complex email marketing a breeze. Create multiple lists, automated messages, and quick email composition tools for a professional look. Their powerful analytics tell you how many potential voters opened the mail, what they clicked on, and other relevant details candidates need to know.


Voilanorbert – It’s not unusual to have someone quickly write their contact information on a cocktail napkin. It’s also common to have that napkin go missing when it’s needed. This free little tool will find the email address for anyone using the person’s name and who they work for.



Social Media


Sprout Social – For social media management and analytics, this platform gives candidates the freedom and information they need to connect with potential voters. It also allows users to promote content, which can extend a candidate’s reach well beyond the traditional limits of social media.


Hootsuite – Like Sprout, this social media dashboard makes it possible for users to craft and schedule updates on a range of social networks. It also lets political campaign volunteers help with the social media management process.



Events and Travel


EventBrite – This website quickly became one of the most powerful ways to set up events, advertise, register attendees, and sell tickets. And because millions of people already use the platform to find out what’s going on in the local area, it can increase attendance.


TripIt – A free way to plan travel, this digital tool lets users set routes, make an itinerary, and share it with anyone or everyone. It can keep all the significant information and details together, so there’s no more digging through browser history to find addresses and driving directions.


Customer Relationship Management


NationBuilder – This digital campaign tool includes content management and customer relationship management (CRM) into one powerful dashboard. The best part of this system is the many tools that can be plugged into it, which means candidates can fully customize it to meet the needs of any political campaign.


Salesforce – Keep lists of anyone who has ever made contact. This system makes it easy to keep up with voter needs, media requests, and other demands on a candidate and volunteers with this robust CRM. Best of all, this will act as a powerful resource and CRM after the election. Together with Pardot the marketing automation platform acquired by Salesforce, any level of sophistication is possible. Segmentation of web subscribers and email responders with follower engagement journey mapping and campaign building is precise and powerful.


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