In an online survey this past weekend we asked 444 American adults about a story which tugged at many Americans’ heartstrings: an Indiana school superintendent getting arrested for using her health insurance to help one of her uninsured students. We found:


  • 43% of the public heard a great deal, a good amount, or some about this story.


  • 2 in 3 (67%) thought the superintendent did the right thing. Only 27% say she deserved to get arrested.



  • Most (82%) say that they would have tried to help the student if they were in a similar situation. However, more of those who would have helped would have chosen a different way to help rather than the same way as the superintendent (45% different way vs. 37% same way to help).


  • There is plenty of blame to go around for this situation. More Americans blame health insurance companies (30%) and government (25%) for this situation than the student’s parent/guardians (18%), the superintendent (14%) or law enforcement (5%)


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