3 Key Success Areas for HR Professionals

Delivering change in an organization through HR

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Market Research » 3 Key Success Areas for HR Professionals

How do you deliver change in an organization through HR?

How do you succeed in delivering these Change and People Analytics requirements? What can you do? Here are three areas for focus:

1. Leverage HR & supporting technology platforms

Ensure integrated, valid technology supports your processes and can be used to collect data as well as make the process ‘plug and play’. Focus staff on using the tools effectively in real-time and understanding how their data fits into the overall delivery and value picture.


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2. Lean on outsourcing where it makes sense

Most HR processes can be outsourced so you can focus on higher-value tasks when it makes financial and quality sense. Payroll is a classic example of something which has no reason to be done internally. For Talent Acquisition it is important to ensure the overall process and your actual requirements are clearly defined before pieces are sent externally. This will ensure the best quality candidate. Remember, you don’t want to spend any more time on Talent Acquisition than was already highlighted in the survey.

3. Engage your Team

HR leadership support and coaching make a difference in achieving the new goals. It is so easy to do what you did before in a high pressure, cyclical environment. If your people know what is required of them, they are much more likely to deliver. Communicate and set clear targets.

It is the role of managing change and people data that delivers the true value of HR to the organization, driving strategic and daily decision making. The more we support the business through data-based discussion, the more permanent that ‘seat at the table’ becomes.






Michel Jones

Michel Jones



Michel Jones is CFO and People Leader at OvationMR a New York City-based market research firm, which she co-founded in 2016.

She provides insights-based management consulting services and is an expert in global HR talent management. She is a regular contributor to the Standard Ovation Blog.

OvationMR is a leader in delivering insights and reliable results across a variety of industry sectors around the globe consistently for market research professionals and management consultants.