Teachers Follow University Admissions Scandal Closely. The Scandal Surprises Few Teachers 3 in 5 Teachers Believe At Least Some Parents in Their District Would Go to Such Lengths


An online research study shows the university admissions scandal is being followed closely by most teachers. Over 1 in 3 (35%) have heard a great deal about it, while only 16% have heard not very much or nothing at all about it.


Older teachers are more likely to have heard a great deal about the scandal than younger ones, while teachers teaching in affluent areas are less likely to have heard a great deal or good amount about it.


How much did you hear or read anything about the indictment of 50 people for their role in paying to get students into prestigious universities?TotalAgeAffluence
Under 3030-3940-4950 or olderAffluentNot so affluent
A great deal35%21%34%38%45%32%36%
A good amount28%35%28%23%26%25%30%
Not very much11%9%13%13%7%12%11%
Nothing at all5%11%5%1%2%7%4%
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The story came as a surprise to less than 1 in 4 (22%) teachers. Teachers who teach in affluent areas were more likely to be surprised.

Teachers Online Research

Does this story surprise you?TotalAffluent Not so affluent


Online Research Reveals More Differences in Teachers of Affluent/NonAffluent Students

25% of teachers say about half or most parents in their district would go to such lengths to get their children into prestigious schools. A clear majority (59%) say at least some parents would go to such lengths. Teachers in affluent districts were more likely to say that parents in their districts would take such actions.


What proportion of parents in your district would be willing to go to such lengths to get their children to prestigious schools?TotalHeard a Great DealSurprisedNot SurprisedAffluentNot So Affluent
Most (>=60%)9%11%14%8%17%5%
About half (40-59%)16%18%26%13%22%13%
Some (10-39%)34%34%29%35%36%33%
A few (Less than 10%)34%30%26%36%22%40%
Online Research - OvationMR - Copyright 2019 All Rights Reserved.


OvationMR conducted 407 online surveys with American teachers of grades K-12 between March 15-17, 2019. This is the second release in a multi-part report with data gathered through an online survey among U.S. K-12 teachers. Part 1 of this online research study looked at security in schools

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