Majority of US school shootings are perpetrated by members of the school community**. Still most K-12 teachers believe threats come from outsiders an online teacher study reveals.


OvationMR checked in with our online teacher panel and conducted an online teacher survey of 407 US K-12 school teachers about a variety of current and ongoing topics facing schools, students and the teachers who help shape our children.

The online research study found most teachers (62%) see outsiders as a bigger safety threat than members of the school community.


Members of the school community38%


A majority of teachers (56%) have a minor police presence at their school.


How would you characterize the police presence in your school?Total
Major presence18%
Minor presence56%
No presence26%
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Over 7 in 10 teachers think it is appropriate for police to be armed with guns at school. Private school teachers were somewhat less likely to welcome armed police including support for 2 in 3 teachers who identify as Democrats according to this online teacher panel study.


Support for armed police is lower at private schools.


Do you think it is appropriate to have police armed with guns at your school?TotalParty IDSchool Type
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In contrast to armed police, only roughly 1 in 4 (26%) teachers think it’s appropriate for some well-trained teachers to carry guns at school.  This issue divides across typical political and regional lines with Republicans and rural teachers more apt to support such a policy.


Do you think it is appropriate for some well-trained teachers to carry guns in your school?TotalParty IDRegion
Online Teacher Panel Study - OvationMR - Copyright 2019 All Rights Reserved.


Sadly, 3 in 4 teachers report their schools participate in active shooter drills in the aftermath of such school shootings in Columbine, CO and Parkland, FL.


Does your school participate in active shooter drills?Total


This is the first release in a multi-part report with data gathered through an online teacher survey among U.S. K-12 teachers. Please see Part 2 of this online research study K-12 Teachers Follow University Admissions Scandal

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** Naval Postgraduate School’s Center for Homeland Defense K-12 schools shooting database

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